Community Speed Watch Launched


Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership (LRSP) has recently launched a county wide Community Speed Watch (CSW) initiative.

This has been designed to empower local communities to tackle non-safety critical speeding issues. The new scheme looks to build on the success of previous initiatives including the passive Notices used within ‘Parish Calm’ whilst addressing the shortcomings of manually deployed reactive signs used in ‘Parish Link’.

Over the past year, LRSP has been investigating ‘movable’ speed information signs, both ‘passive’ and ‘reactive’ with the intention of developing a new CSW for communities to deploy.

The reactive ‘dot matrix’ signs are powered by rechargeable batteries and attach to a bracket on a post, such as a lamp post, and are designed to be moveable between different brackets. It is envisaged that a community would purchase a number of brackets which would be permanently fixed to lamp posts, they would then rotate the reactive signs between the brackets over an agreed time limit. This iniaitive also allows smaller parishes to share the signs. These reactive signs will be a replacement for the previously used ‘Parish Link’ initiative. The siting of the brackets would need to be agreed, and would be subject to a Licence Agreement.

The intention of the scheme is that communities will be able to purchase either, or both, types of signs and move them about within their community at agreed locations, typically lamp posts or a dedicated post. The primary benefit is that communities have overall control of them, as they remain their property.

In order to ensure the signs have an impact it is proposed they will not remain in any one place for more than a six week period.

An initial trial has been carried out of both passive and reactive signs on the B6403 Ermine Street Ancaster that ran for two weeks. The whole three quarters of a mile through the village was treated with the CSW signing system. There were two sites identified for the reactive sign, one at each end of the village. During the trial period the reactive sign was moved and recharged as proof of concept.

For further details and pricing for communities/parishes please contact a member of Casualty Reduction at Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership on 01522 805800 Email: .

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