South Kesteven Local Plan 2017


South Kesteven District Council is preparing a new Local Plan, which will cover the whole district for the period 2011-2036.

The Local Plan will set out the strategy for delivering sustainable development including the vision, objectives and spatial strategy. It will also establish development requirements including the amount of housing and employment land needed, and allocate specific development sites to meet need.

This is the third stage of informal consultation on the new Local Plan. This stage differs form the previous stages as it sets out draft policies. Previous consultations set out the issues facing the district and the options available to tackle them.

The consultative draft Local Plan contains policies on the following:
- Sustainable Development
- The Spatial Strategy and Settlement Hierarchy
- Economic Prosperity
- Meeting Housing Needs
- Protecting and Enhancing the Natural and Built Environment
- Renewable Energy Generation

It also identifies sites for future development. Housing and Employment allocations are proposed for Grantham, Stamford, Bourne and the Deepings. Housing allocations are also proposed at some of the Larger Villages.

As part of our feedback to SKDC we’re keen to here what our constituents think so please get in touch using the comments section below.

The full plan is available at the SKDC website

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