Wind Farms - Lincolnshire's Position

Lincolnshire Conservatives agree a tough new stance against wind farms

Protection of the Natural Environment and Biodiversity of Lincolnshire for future generations is today given the priority it deserves by the Executive of Lincolnshire County Council

Today the executive committee of Conservative controlled Lincolnshire County Council have voted unanimously to approve a new planning position statement on the building of onshore wind farms within Lincolnshire. This new statement places a renewed focus on developers meeting strict planning criteria before building wind farms, focussing on the following key areas:

In voting to accept the recommendation of its cross-party Environmental Scrutiny Committee, Lincolnshire County Council is the first authority places the needs of it’s natural environment and residents above the interests of energy companies growing fat on tax payers subsidies. For the first time Lincolnshire County Council is be prepared to allocate whatever resources are required and deemed appropriate to defend the Position Statement, on an application by application basis – that means tangible support for those communities who are subjected to unsuitable wind farm proposals.

Leader of the council Cllr Martin Hill supported the move saying


”Lincolnshire Conservatives are committed to the green energy agenda, already we have fitted solar panels to our buildings, begun building a revolutionary energy from waste plant as well as supporting straw powered electricity generation and anaerobic digestion plants. Already this authority has delivered, with our district partners, energy efficiency measures to 15 000 homes.”

Cllr Colin Davie, Chairman of the council’s environmental scrutiny committee echo’d the fears of the Lincolnshire public saying

“This is not about energy efficiency or even wind farms it is about subsidy farming: businesses getting rich from the public and in particular those most effected by fuel poverty.”

Cllr Hill added

“This isn’t a NIBYISM it’s a simple example of localism in action – elected Conservative councillors standing up for the needs of Lincolnshire people”

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