Wind Farms

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Protection of the Natural Environment future generations is now given the priority it deserves by Lincolnshire Conservatives. Our renewed focus is on developers meeting strict planning criteria before building wind farms.

Roads & Transport

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With 6500 miles of roads in Lincolnshire and the public relying on the roads everyday of the year and commitment to maintaining and improving road links and access to public transport has never been greater.

Flood Defence

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Lincolnshire enjoys a hugely diverse landscape but we will not cease to fight for adequate funds to protect those people and businesses that live and work along the coast and other at risk areas. We are fighting for adequate funding to secure our coastline and water routes.


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Here in Lincolnshire we have a reputation of providing the best education in the country. Lincolnshire Conservatives are committed to supporting children to get the best schooling and we are determined to keep our Grammar Schools.

Law & Order

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Despite being a rural county Lincolnshire has its fair share of crime. To help people feel stay and feel safe we fund a variety of initiatives to reduce anti-social behaviour, burglary and improve road safety. Working together we can make Lincolnshire safer.

It is no secret that as we all get older there are increasing pressures on the care system. Already in Lincolnshire we have taken steps to ensure the level of support we are able to offer is the very best possible.

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