Cllr Nick Worth sets out plans for the future of its heritage and culture service in Lincolnshire – making it much more accessible for residents to explore and enjoy.

Cllr Nick Worth, executive member for Culture and Heritage at Lincolnshire County Council, explains:

“Times are changing and we need to think creatively to make sure we deliver the best cultural experiences for our residents.

“To do this, we’ve put together a long term vision:

  • A stronger voice at a national level – accessing funding and investment opportunities, influencing decisions and working with the best cultural organisations worldwide
  • Better access across the county by creating new ‘super sites’, which will bring together our museums, art collections, archives and aviation heritage showcasing more of our history
  • Thinking differently about the way we, as Greater Lincolnshire, tell the ‘Lincolnshire’ story
  • Securing the funding we need and deserve to deliver a world class service 
  • Continuing to bring blockbuster exhibitions and events to the county, like LEGO at Lincoln Castle, the Natural History Museum’s Dinosaurs and Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon to the Collection Museum – enabling residents to access to some of the most amazing experiences to make new and long-lasting memories.

“To make this happen, we need to work differently together with current and new partners across Greater Lincolnshire and this vision sets out how, with one voice, we can make sure our rich past is fit for the future.”

You can also watch the full video of Cllr Worth explaining the heritage and culture vision in more detail or view the Future of the Heritage Service in Lincolnshire document.