The scheme will increase capacity and improve traffic flow at the A46 Riseholme roundabout

As part of the project, an extra lane will be added to the roundabout.

Extra entrance and exit lanes will also be constructed at all approaches and exits.

In addition, the roundabout’s drainage system will be rebuilt, new signs and lighting columns installed and sections of the existing road rebuilt to minimise future maintenance.

Aims and benefits

The project aims and benefits are to:

  • increase capacity and reduce congestion at Riseholme Roundabout
  • improve journey times and reliability along the route and in the surrounding area
  • future-proof the roundabout so it can support increased traffic growth resulting from new developments
  • increase safety for all road users

Cost and funding

The A46 Riseholme roundabout improvement project will cost £4.2m and will be funded via £2.4m from Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership and £1.8m from an Integrated Transport Grant.


  • March 2017: Greater Lincolnshire LEP funding secured
  • March 2019: Scrutiny committee and executive approval
  • January 2020: Construction work begins
  • April 2020: Works suspended due to coronavirus
  • May 2020: Breheny resumes work on-site
  • Autumn 2020*: Project complete

*All future dates are projected and subject to change dependent on external factors.