Parking and pedestrian crossings are at the heart of local accountant Adam Stokes’ campaign to retain his County Council seat in May. A leading member of the Grantham Transport Board, Adam has helped promote the new Grantham Parking Strategy, set to bring the much-wanted residential parking scheme to Grantham town centre.

As a small business accountant here in Grantham, Adam’s day job has helped him develop a keen understanding of some of the broader issues the town and its business community face.

“Working as an accountant in my day job, I come into contact with various different sizes of businesses which have helped me to understand what they would like to see done in the town. As a Conservative, we get things done. We don’t just talk about achieving. You actually see action for one of the lowest council tax rates in the country.”

Cllr Adam Stokes

Adam has helped to deliver a significant amount of extra funding to help remain and maintain the roads, as well as lobbying for the implementation of various traffic orders to help improve road safety for pedestrians and drivers alike. Recent improvements have seen double yellow lines installed on some of the narrow streets in the area where emergency vehicle access has been a problem.

Away from campaigning for road improvements and calculating tax returns, Adam is incredibly proud of the town’s two big parks, Dysart and Wyndham, along with the fantastic range of pubs.

Outside of work and politics Adam is a keen darts player in the Local Grantham Leagues and looks forward to getting back to it after Covid! He is also a regular up at the Meres to watch Grantham Town play.

Looking to the future, he is passionate about bringing more improvements to the town in the form of a rebuilt Gainsborough Corner junction to include a pedestrian crossing facility.

To get in touch with Adam email or telephone 07974 342 648