What an exciting, accomplishing, strange and unprecedented 4 years it has been. March 2020 saw Britain go into Lockdown, and along with it, a different way of working. My many meetings travelling around the County in my capacity as Support Councillor for Highways, Transport and IT, saw me fixed to a desk, and the normal Parish meetings I attend turned into video conferencing. It has been hard not to see a lot of you face to face, but I take comfort in the capability of my residents and their parish councils from what I have seen that the world keeps turning and the work is still being done.

My proudest moment working for Scotter Rural has been the opening of Corringham Road Junction. It was the number one scheme on my residents list when asked what needed doing in the division. The junction was notorious for accidents with some residents refusing to drive it.

The County Council has continued to keep the Council tax low, and is one of the lowest in the country, we have invested in a 2m extension to Castle wood academy which has created an extra 210 spaces for primary aged children in my division, along with £8million in the fire service which mean new fire engines for the Gainsborough crew. There has also been continued investment in the Citizens Advice Bureau which is a key service in the Gainsborough area with over 500 people being helped over the last quarter. The County Council also has supported many people across the county with their covid grant. I myself have helped support vunerable people in the community, as well as the village hall in Corringham allowing it to open between lockdowns.

The 4 years has gone very quickly and I still have many things on my list that I would like to accomplish, this includes some resurfacing to the A631, improvements to the junction in Grayingham, continue to improve the drainage systems particularly in Willoughton and Blyton. I would like to continue to encourage the use of walking and cycling in my division, which will include
addressing measures to decrease speeding traffic as well as improving the footpaths on rural roads, as this will help to connect local communities together and allow better access to enjoy the countryside.

Cllr Clio Perraton-Williams Email: clio.perraton-williams@conservativelincs.org.uk