Great news for Louth residents! Lincolnshire County Council, working in partnership with local Councillors and the Town Council, has just announced a series of positive changes and plans for our beloved town centre, all based on your valuable feedback. Let’s dive into the exciting developments that will enhance our community’s heart.

Preserving Our Cherished Spaces

You spoke, and we listened! The majority of you expressed your love for the Cornmarket and Market Place just as they are. As a result, these iconic areas will retain their current charm, with a minor tweak to Market Place parking to improve accessibility.

Enhancing Cycling Infrastructure

Calling all cyclists! We’re thrilled to announce that new cycle parking locations will be popping up around town starting this summer. The Transport Board is carefully reviewing your suggestions to ensure the most convenient and practical spots for our pedal-powered friends.

Improving Traffic Flow and Safety

Safety first! Based on your concerns, we’re taking steps to prevent parking on the narrow section of Eastgate. Keep an eye out for the public consultation coming this July/August.

Exploring Innovative Parking Solutions

We’re not stopping there! The Board is investigating exciting possibilities like free parking schemes and additional disabled parking allocation. We’re even considering creative solutions like shop reimbursement and park-and-ride systems. Stay tuned for updates after our September meeting!

Reimagining Market Days

Picture this: a vibrant market day with condensed stalls making room for charming pavement cafes. We’re exploring ways to create shared spaces that will make market days even more delightful for everyone.

Wayfinding Made Easy

Never get lost again! We’re reviewing and improving directional signs to our pay-and-display car parks, making it a breeze for visitors and locals alike to find parking.

Investing in Our Footpaths

Last but not least, we’re planning for the future of our walkways. Lincolnshire County Council is exploring a potential maintenance scheme to improve footpath conditions and add new crossing points, with implementation aimed for 2025/2026.

These exciting changes are all thanks to your engagement and feedback. Together, we’re shaping a brighter, more vibrant future for Louth town centre. Stay connected for more updates, and get ready to fall in love with our town all over again!