Andrew Halfhide Conservative, Proud to be Standing for Deepings West and Rural on Lincolnshire County Council.

My aim is to improve and enhance the communities of Deepings West and Rural. I’d like to outline some of the key areas I am focused on and share, with the benefit of my experience, ideas on how we can improve our corner of Lincolnshire for all.
My aim is to help build resilient social care services for the most vulnerable, boost education for our children and support local businesses throughout the area. I firmly believe that we can increase police visibility in the area by a closer working relationship with the Police and Crime Commissioner.

The Deeping West and Rural division comprises several beautiful and key villages and the Town itself. Each of these areas has its own specific needs as well as common issues. I will work with Parish and Town Councils to provide support to all community areas.
Some of the key areas of concern in the immediate future are: –

Preventing the development of Mill Field.
I am committed to stopping any housing development on Mill Field as I believe it to be one of the key open spaces in Market Deeping and will vote against any future planned housing developments on the site.

Highways issues
The condition of our local roads, potholes, street lighting and parking. I also want to see more work done to reduce speeding and make our roads safer for all road users.
Improvements to pedestrians and cyclists’ infrastructure in the area working with all stakeholders to improve the infrastructure and possibilities for everyone in our wonderful area.

Green Master Plan
Working with Town and Parish Councils in conjunction with the Council’s Green Masterplan.

Care Community
Deeping has a huge care community with truly diverse needs. I believe my years of working within this sector give me a good perspective on the positive benefits of a robust care sector within a community and a good starting point to help provide a strong voice at Lincolnshire County Council.

Our local Schools will need a lot of help and support to recover from this Pandemic and once again help our youngsters flourish and achieve their full potential. I see this daily as a Grandparent of children schooled in Deeping and as a provider of services to schools and colleges.

Youth Services
The youngsters in our communities have been hit every bit as hard psychologically as our adults and the elderly. Therefore, it is vitally important that we look to improve the facilities for our youngsters. I will work with local sports and youth groups to be a voice for them at county hall and maximise the benefits of the upcoming new leisure facilities.

Business Support
As a local businessman based in Market Deeping for over 15 years, I know only too well that our local business community will require ongoing support as we try to recover from the devastating effects of the pandemic. I will be your voice at Lincoln and try to help and support the council’s successful Economic Team to continue Deeping’s business growth post-Covid.

Market Deeping Town Centre
We need to continue the work to recover and regenerate our town Centre. I will work with the Town Council to bring back some form of much-needed facilities such as banking to the Town as it is vital for a strong and vibrant local economy.

Covid-19 has devastated our local business communities. I know only too well as a local businessman providing services that have kept care homes and schools open throughout.

I am delighted to see the massive success of LCC’s grant schemes and support them fully. Some of the schemes have already been fully subscribed. Still, they provide genuine support to small, town and rural businesses, and I urge any local businesses to look at the funding available below.

The re-emergence and future growth of our local businesses following the Governments roadmap to recovery from COVID-19 is an essential part of the healing of our communities, and I will support all of the Deepings West and Rural communities in every way I can to build back even stronger and provide even better services and facilities for all in our area.

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