In preparation for the forthcoming Lincolnshire County Council elections, Lincolnshire Conservatives have selected sitting member, Sue Woolley, to fight the Bourne and North division.

Commenting on her selection, Cllr Woolley said 

I’m delighted to have been reselected as the Conservative candidate for the Bourne North & Morton division in the forthcoming Lincolnshire County Council elections.

One of the local highways issues for Bourne, Morton and the nearby villages is traffic flow on the A15

Over the years the A15 has become a very busy road with people from the north of Morton either driving into Bourne or travelling further south to the city of Peterborough and then commuting into London.

We also know that when there is an issue on the nearby A1, the A15 becomes an unofficial bypass for all those vehicles trying to avoid the holdups.

I would love to see a route to the east of Bourne that keeps that traffic out of the town centre and I know residents would do too, but I do appreciate the cost of such a scheme would mean more house building may be needed to pay for such a project.

We must strengthen our campaign for a 30mph limit on the A15 through Morton. To be allowed to drive at 40mph through the village centre is simply too dangerous

Join me in asking for these proposals to be considered.

Sue can be contacted either by email at or by phone on 07970 424009