Lincolnshire County Council’s Archaeology department has objected to plans to move the grave of Guy Gibson’s dog from RAF Scampton.

Last week, the RAF submitted an application to West Lindsey District Council seeking permission to move the beloved black Labrador’s grave to the current location of the 617 Squadron in Norfolk.

The dog served as the mascot for the Dambusters and was buried outside Hangar 2 at the request of his owner.

The proposed relocation has sparked controversy since becoming public knowledge, with Scampton Councillor Roger Patterson (Conservative) describing it as “a kick in the teeth for the community”.

In its application, the force stated concerns about preserving the dog’s place of rest following uncertainty surrounding the housing of asylum seekers at RAF Scampton.

However, Lincolnshire County Council has recommended that the local authority reject the application, expressing concerns about the potential impact on the site’s heritage.