Monthly update from Cllr Martin Hill, for the full brief click here

1. Proactive Safety Measures: In an energetic drive against the sale of illegal products, Lincolnshire Trading Standards and Police have effectively shut down nine shops across Boston, Spalding, and Holbeach. This decisive action ensures community safety and supports honest, lawful businesses.

2. Enhancing Traffic Management: An exciting new initiative is underway to review and improve traffic management throughout Lincolnshire. The council keenly invites public feedback on various aspects like speed limits and parking, aiming to make travel safer and more fluid.

3. Lincolnshire Recovery Partnership: A new partnership has been formed to support individuals dealing with drug and alcohol issues. It offers a robust network of resources, including physical hubs and online support, fostering positive changes across the community.

4. Lincoln Festival of History: Prepare to be transported back to Lincoln’s first-ever Festival of History from [May 4-6, 2024]. This dynamic and immersive festival is set to breathe life into history with a range of captivating activities and performances at our most significant historical sites. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience history like never before.

5. Advancing Public Transport: Lincolnshire is moving forward with improvements in bus services, gathering input through the County Views survey to enhance the experience for bus users further and encourage sustainable travel options.

6. Celebrating Community Heroes: The Good Citizens Awards are open for nominations and celebrate those who contribute significantly to the community. It’s an excellent opportunity to recognize the unsung heroes among us.

7. Exploring Lincolnshire: The Visit Lincolnshire website continues to be a treasure trove of local attractions and experiences, drawing both residents and global visitors to discover Lincolnshire’s beauty and uniqueness.

8. Staying Informed with County Catch-Up: The countywide newsletter keeps everyone informed about local developments, offering an easy way to stay connected with community and council updates.

Lincolnshire County Council remains dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for its residents through these dynamic and forward-thinking initiatives.